IN MEMORIUM – Gene Arceri

By JO LEE Magazine



In Memoriam Gene Arceri

JO LEE Contributor

The Provocative & Challenging World Of Arceri


Gene became one of Hollywood’s most prolific authors – his energy elevated JO LEE Magazine beyond boundaries.



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2 Responses to “IN MEMORIUM – Gene Arceri”

  1. Diana | 05.17.15 at 8:24 PM said…

    My friendship with Gene began in 2007 and lasted till he passed in November 2014. A man who dealt with happiness and many sorrows in his life with a positive outlook as well as maintaining his heart of gold. I had the honor of making certain that his wish for those remaining “books” to be published were published. He is thought of often and will be missed by those who were touched by his life’s wisdom. Thank you Jo Lee for being his friend for so many more years than me, and thanks for allowing his stories to be told.

  2. Tammi | 04.02.15 at 4:29 AM said…

    Gene was a very brilliant writer. He was compassionate about what he wrote about and was able to capture the person he wrote about in a genius way. Gene was a very smart bright compassionate and loving person. I had the honor of meeting him for a very short time and wish I known him longer. The time we shared together, was very special and dear to me and that little time, Gene changed how I saw people. I will and do miss him.