By Kim Harvey

Co-Founder/Ex. Director

Angels & Doves Anti-Bully program

Indianapolis – Indiana.  USA



Photo.. Myself, Rupert – one of the stars in the CBS show Survivor – and my mother at a Barnes & Noble book signing.




Angels & Doves – A 3-Step Program

Chapter Five Of Eight




Angels & Doves was co-founded by Kim Harvey and my mother, Joyce Taylor eight years ago.  The mission is clearly to end bullying suicides.


The program offers a presentation to all grade levels, as well as, The Bully Book and The Bull Program.  The program is offered to schools, churches, wrap-around programs and summer camps.


The Bully Book is an interactive, workbook journal to be used as a suicide prevention tool for grades K-7.  The Bull Program is a peer-to-peer peacekeeping program for 5-12.




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