By Kim Harvey

Co-Founder/Ex. Director

Angels & Doves Anti-Bully program

Indianapolis – Indiana.  USA






School Bullying – The Bystander

Chapter Four Of Eight




Bullying happens as early as pre-school and continues through grade 12.  Is there a way to avoid it?  Not if your child goes to school outside of your home.


You, of course, want to educate your child to not become a bully and not to become the target/victim.  Equally important is to teach your child to never be the bystander.


In our school presentations we always ask the students if they know what the word bystander means.  We then give the definition.  The definition of bystander means that you stand by watching something abnormal happen, you do not take action to help the target, you do not help protect the targeted victim. 


We explain to them to reach out to an adult immediately if they see something abnormal. If there is no adult within reach, then call 911 on a cell phone to get help.  Taking immediate action could save a child from serious bullying injuries.




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