By Kim Harvey

Co-Founder/Ex. Director

Angels & Doves Anti-Bully program

Indianapolis – Indiana.  USA






School Bullying – “The Target”

Chapter Two Of Eight




School bullying is now an epidemic in our schools.  How does it happen?  In a nutshell, one student becomes the bully and then picks his/her target (the victim).


Does a child want or deserve to become a target?  The answer is obviously no.  Children ages 4-18 are chosen as the target sometimes based on their soft personality or their humble demeanor.  They did not elect to be picked on, humiliated, intimidated and a host of other abusive behaviors.


Please know some of the warning signs; loss of appetite, loss of sleep, nightmares, lack of friends, less communication, grades dropping and staying home from school.  Make sure you provide an open line of communication.




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