By Kim Harvey

Co-Founder/Ex. Director

Angels & Doves Anti-Bully program

Indianapolis – Indiana.  USA







The Impact of School Bullying

Chapter One Of Eight



As the director of a non-profit charity that focuses on ‘bullying’, I see a lot of hurt and pain.  I work closely with youth ages 4-18, however, I find myself working with middle schools the most.


The middle school arena seems to be the breeding ground for the most intentional hurt against student’s classmates.  Statistics tell us that roughly 262,000 secondary students are physically assaulted monthly in U.S. schools and, approximately IMM students stay home WEEKLY across the country because they are afraid of being bullied in their very own school!  This can reduce the graduation rate in our schools nationwide.


This is alarming, not only to parents, but to all who care about our youth.  It is up to adults from all walks of life to protect our youth; parents, grandparents, school staff members, wrap-around services and community overall.


Speaking directly in schools can reduce bullying by 50%, therefore, our main mission is to begin by speaking inside the school.  Education can lead to prevention, which eliminates intervention.




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