By  Tim Stark

Dr. Sneezles

Virginia Beach USA




Maybe you should give up tennis.



Go Forth and Smile

Chapter Nine of Nine



Dr. Sneezles would like to thank all the readers for allowing him to share a bit of his life and personal feelings about humor over the past few weeks.  He is indebted to family and friends, who have nurtured his character, provided guidance and advice, laughed at his jokes, and generally supported his choice to bring laughter to those around him.


This won’t hurt a bit.


His purpose will always be to show compassion and help people cope with their situation whether by telling jokes and stories, using puns, or even a bit of magic.  His fervent hope is that each person reading these articles has benefited in some way.  Keep Smiling!


As always, remember, laughter is the best medicine…unless you’re really hurt, then you should call 911.












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