By  Tim Stark

Dr. Sneezles

Virginia Beach USA




Is this thing working?



The Benefits of Humor

Chapter Six of Nine




So, a funny thing happened to me on the way to the hospital…and other things one says to entertain a patient.


Patients need humor to help cope with the situations they face.  That being said, bombastic over-the-top joking isn’t appreciated in many settings.  Most of Sneezles humor is directed at himself; memory or lack of; weight and mismanagement of  the same (by the way, Dr Sneezles has been on a 30 day diet.  So far he’s lost 15 days), or other self-deprecating topics.  Never, never, never is the patient the butt of the joke. 


CAT Scan!


Humor helps us cope with stress.  Laughing releases endorphins, boosts immune functions, increases blood flow, and has other physical and psychological benefits. 


There have been many studies that confirm the above statements.  Western Schools have developed a Continuing Education Course for nurses entitled, “Humor in Healthcare: The Laughter Prescription.”  Dr. Sneezles completed this to help with his presentation.


 Laughter is the best medicine…unless you’re really hurt, then you should call 911.




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