Spotted Hands 




Glancing down I see brown spots,

not freckles but spots.

Where did they come from? When?

That hand with the popping veins-

whose is it?

I trace the path up my arm to find

an army of dots.


I look at my granddaughter’s hands

as I add black polka dots to her

scarlet painted nails.

Yesterday they were purple.

Black the day before.

She seems obsessed with nail



She studies her reflection in the mirror

with delight. Her hair long and shiny.

Her body curves exploding.

Is this her daddy’s little girl?

She gyrates to the music, singing in the

echoing microphone, a recent gift

for her eleventh birthday.


The mirror is not my friend.

It surprises me every morning.

Dim light is essential.

I may have to resort to spanx.

What was once up, is now down.

Medicare will be my birthday

gift this year.









Father Time, Mother Nature proclaim: open our box of stupendous happy change,

a gift for everyone. Winter is discharged, surrendered to slumber. Wake up spring!

Terra Firma needs color. Paint skies brilliant bluebird blue. Spread moss carpets

on forest floor. Defrost lakes, thaw ponds. Let grass blades sing, flowers smile,

entice pollinators, unfurl leaves, open a zillion tree buds.


Spring, when the wind blows tender, children jump in puddles, hibernating ones

yawn, revisit the world, not regretting past seasons freezing silence.


Robin Red Breast puffs its chest, dispenses infectious charms, munches yummy

worms. Daffodils, crocus, hyacinths, display selves in pageants of beauty. The

pastel palette scents air in drifts of intoxicating perfume.


Spring is joy. Spring is love. Spring is euphoria. Rejoice.






May 1st is … 



Half way between the spring equinox and the summer solstice,

Bonfires burning to mark the end of winter.

Cattle marching between the protective fires to the pasture,

Morris dancers tapping to awaken the earth.


May Queens dancing under and around the streamers of the May pole,

The Hawthorne bush proudly standing in a dress in flowers, ribbons and shells.


Celebrated as the Feast of Bealtaine in Ireland, Walpurgis in Sweden, Lei Day in Hawaii, Walpurgisnacht in Germany, Armindeni in Romania, and Vappu in Finland.


Feast of St. Joseph the Worker,

International Workers Day around the world.



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