Ralph Lauren with his beautiful wife of 52 years.





Ralph Lauren’s Bedford Estate




Nestled within seemingly English countryside, sits the grandeur of Ralph Lauren’s masterpiece residence.  This beauty is actually in Bedford, New York, the once resting region of New York society wishing to take a break from the chaos of the spotlights.  


Graphic opulence evokes inspiration with every step along this stairway of fine details.


Bedford, one of six homes belonging to Ralph Lauren, evokes strong early American design, paired with rustic elements such as equestrian saddles and bits, leaving you with an easy feel of what true complex design can achieve.


Here we find the epitome of Ralph Lauren Design. equestrian infused romance, through fine fabrics and ruffles of lace layered in a most welcoming bedroom.


As you roll up on the circular drive paved with pebble stone, you are greeted to a scene right out of a period movie, with dogwood topiaries and a masonry fence framing the courtyard at the front of the luminous house.  You can’t help but note the ominous windows bespeaking of rooms that are peeking out through the roof framing, covered with wood tiles, leaving you in wonderment of the home where Ralph Lauren lives with his beloved wife Ricky Anne.


Mirrors reflect Ralph Lauren’s vision, finely placed in the wainscotting panels of this opulent stairway, enhanced with candelabras and electric candle-lit chandelier, evoking romance and grandeur.


Landscape designer Robert Ludlow Fowler Jr., who was in popular demand with such prominent society as the Rockefellers, built the home in the early 1920s.  Mr. Fowler, with the help of the architectural firm Delano & Aldrich, built the mansion in French-Norman style.  The Bedford Estate, and its 17,000 square feet of opulence, was built on 250 finely cuticled, acres, and was being kept in immaculate condition until Mr. Fowler’s death in 1973.


Björn Wallander

Infamous for his equestrian-influenced design, Ralph Lauren’s living room is regal and welcoming.


It lay in disrepair until the late 1980s when Mr. Lauren purchased it and went straight into restoring the once beautiful mansion to its former glory.


Equestrian regality, symmetry of details.


Famous for his romantic and immaculate American style, with a strong command of both equestrian and nautical influences, Ralph Lauren went to work at creating yet another masterpiece, adding his own brilliant touch and fine eclectic style of contradiction that very few designers master to each and every room, hallway, and landscape surrounding this magnificent estate.  With tapestries, priceless paintings, English crystal chandeliers, plaid fabrics, zebra prints, and lavishly leather-bound books in libraries of finely polished mahogany showcasing stark black and white photography, Mr. Lauren’s creative genius was everywhere.


Antiquity & contemporary meet… inspiration is found in every detail.


Bathrooms that would rival the finest living rooms, pairing matching opulent hard marble tubs and fireplace mantles with plush seating, all in stark white.  In these opposites, we find the beauty in the bespoken whispers of the designer’s vision, positioned one in front of the other to display, yet again, contrasting opposites of water and fire, pulled together seamlessly.


Tranquility in beauty.


One can just imagine an American gentleman sipping an English Breakfast tea with his family gallantly laughing around the table and taking turns at croquet, during a typical fresh summer afternoon – the beautiful matriarch in a signature design, a flowing white slip dress of her husband’s vision.


A private corner. Opposites attract in this mix of hard surfaces and luxurious fabrics.


Getting lost in a world of simplistic sophistication, through refined design. Ralph Lauren’s use of white is legendary.


Old English countryside, Ralph Lauren’s Belford Estate welcomes you at the end of a long pebble driveway, nestled in acres of manicured lawn.





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