PIZZAZZ – And That’s PIZZAZZ – Power

By Kathleen Mailliard Solmssen









And That’s PIZZAZZ






When you think about the word “Power”, what single feeling comes to your mind?


I can’t narrow it down to one succinct definition.  One, nearly biblical feeling I know for sure is that there is “Power” for good and “Power” for evil.  And they are both addictive.


“Power” demands attention, adoration and acceptance.  It muscles up the mind, body and spirit.  It “arm wrestles” its place in business, politics and even religions.  From horsepower to electrical power, it can jolt, shock and even kill.


To gain power is a privilege experienced by few and appreciated by even fewer.  “Power” doesn’t simply fall into your lap.  It is earned.  Fought for.  And sometimes even stolen.


Then there is the constant struggle of keeping “Power” and even growing it.  A balancing act that never gives respite.  Imagine a boxing ring.  Now imagine fighting for “Power” –   I rest my case.


“Power” brokers come in all shapes and sizes: keen and chic, slimy and untrustworthy.   Some have been known to nearly loose their lives after loosing their “Power”.  As Peggy Lee sang: “Is that all there is my friend?”


Powerful people are born leaders, while others are born followers.


A friend once asked me: “would you rather be a king or build a king?”  No question: I’d only build a king.  The responsibility of holding an office, being president of a nation or a company or even being a pied piper leading a crowd down a path to somewhere or no where is not my trajectory of life.  I’ve been lead down many paths by people of power and I believed in every one.  Some paths lead to joy, others to sad situations.


Philanthropists have the “Power” to heal people, to give them a chance and to save our planet and it is their gift to have the capacity to give and to give big.  They are smart enough to have many-millions and even smarter to know just how and where to give it away.


“Power” – what is it to you?  We all have it in some capacity and that’s pizzazz!





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