PROS & EX.CONS – Caesar

By Stanley J Dorst

San Francisco – California










The creator of the earliest united republic, who brought together peoples across western Europe into a prosperous unity.  He led the troops, created the highway system and created great wealth for all he brought together.


An outstanding business executive might claim similar activity and benefits for the people by setting up geographically distant facilities that produce products or distribute affordable goods and create jobs and wealth for communities. You may establish beneficial relationships for future business.


But – the reward may turn out to be the same –


Caesar’s leaders greeted him home with a welcome banquet and speeches praising his accomplishments.  Do you remember how the banquet ended – with a knife to Caesar, leaving him dead..


You – successful establishers of community wealth and prosperity may be greeted likewise when you return to the corporate headquarters.  Perhaps not a knife just termination.


This is a warning of what may happen to you 


Home office executives will not recognize that what you have done in the field is any great accomplishment – beyond what they could do themselves.  They may feel you can be replaced; and in fact are no longer necessary as the system is now established, or a new direction is called for.  When you consider how great Julius Caesar was: how can you doubt it could happen to you.












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