PROS & EX.CONS – Politics

By Stanley J Dorst

San Francisco – California










Every aspect of the political scene has been exposed in the “press” – and still we sit in Washington in gridlock.


There was a time when politicians realized that when there are different philosophies of government we need compromise.  Because both parties have valid philosophies that help our country be great, they need to be woven into a combined set of laws.  Unfortunately before Trump the Democrats did not include the wisdom of the Republicans so now it is get even time.


Generally the question is “how much” not whether, which is why compromise is possible.

Consider all of the issues of the Presidents programs: regulation of corporations, immigration, taxation, and social welfare including medical plans and world affairs. There is a reasonable job to be done at a reasonable and responsible cost.


So what is the root of the problem?  I think it is people who feel they must decide and run  things themselves because others do not understand.  Consider global warming.  An ideal opportunity for taking over because people don’t understand.  So hundreds of thousands of government employees must take over to save the world.  When in fact they do not understand themselves.  They see an opportunity to take over and they have scientists to quote.  In fact nobody fully understands all of the causes of global warming.  Immense piles of funds are allocated to study the effects of a global warming mathematical model that has been found wanting.  We were beggaring our economy to pursue a program to save the world when we don’t know what we are doing.  The model has proven to be a poor forecaster with none of its predictions coming true.


If we were not in such a rush we could find out what all of the factors are and, maybe, why previous periods of global warming faded away into ice ages.


I think the whole country is fed up with the huge bill Congress runs up for little benefit to the public.


Did we elect people to only vote for one extreme – no?


We want them to adopt reasonable programs.



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