PROS & EX.CONS – Tuition

By Stanley J Dorst


STANLEY J. DORST is a retired officer of Chevron Land Development Co. and CEO of Grosvenor Development Co.  He’s been advisor to European governments and private companies as Vice-President of the International Urban Development Association, and advisor for the International Executive Service Corps on behalf of the United States State Department Agency for International Development. 












And the government decided that there should be colleges and universities; and it was good.


There were private and public universities and the individual states supported the public universities and it was good.


Then time passed and these individual states found a need for more administrators and help for the disadvantaged and support for public works. Funding for universities decreased to a few percent of their costs and tuition increased.


So, why are we arguing about tuition loans when the problem is with state funding? Do we not feel that all states should support public universities? Why not tell our legislators to re-establish support, enough to reduce tuition to a level that creates student loans that are affordable? They need to know what our priorities are, not just the priorities of the administrators.  


Perhaps there is also a way for us to provide tuition for community service. Why does it have to be too much money or free? We should be able to find a way for youth to earn their college costs as we did by serving in the military. Of course, it takes people to administer the programs but this is not rocket science.


My children found their way through college and have benefited greatly. I helped and they worked, some years without my help and, my wife worked her way through graduate school, too.


There are many solutions. And I believe we should help much more through our state governments.


What do you think?


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