By Debbie Kesheshian

Second Harvest Food Rescue

Toronto – Canada






Fruit is Fast Food!

Chapter Three Of Four




Have you ever decided to eat healthy and donated those cans of pasta and boxes of processed meals to the food bank?



Do you ever wonder, “If I don’t think it is healthy enough for me, why is it appropriate to donate to people experiencing food insecurity?”



Think about it, just because you are hungry doesn’t mean you don’t care about your health.  What if you are diabetic, watching your salt intake or suffer from celiac disease?  For people with limited resources, buying fresh, let alone organic, is simply not an option.  Processed foods are cheaper and it costs less to eat fast food than to buy nutrient-dense food and cook at home.



According to the Canadian Medical Association’s What Makes Us Sick? 2013 report, nutrition and food security are among the top four social indicators of health in Canada, with limited access to nutritious, affordable food linked to poor health.

Second Harvest rescues healthy, protein, dairy, fruit and vegetables heading to landfill and distributes them to over 225 agencies in the city to feed hungry people.  Simple, yet brilliant!

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