By Debbie Kesheshian

Second Harvest Food Rescue

Toronto – Canada



Photo by Graham Walker




No Waste, No Hunger

Chapter Two Of Four




No Waste, No Hunger is the brainchild of Ina Andre and Joan Clayton.  These two Toronto women drove the streets of Toronto picking up surplus food from restaurants and grocery stores and delivering to hungry people and thus Second Harvest was born.  Since 1985, we have rescued and delivered more than 116 million pounds of food.


Photo by Graham Walker


Today, 8 refrigerated trucks and 1 van have taken over from Ina and Joan’s hatchbacks.  Seven days a week a team of drivers and volunteers ensure that over 225 agencies receive good food to care for Toronto’s hungry.  Food rescue and delivery is the heart of the organization but other programs have evolved like Harvest Kitchens; food preparation training for adults and youth with barriers to employment.  Still, we are only meeting a fraction of the need as Canadians waste $31 billion of food every year.


Photos by Graham Walker is the next step in a responsible growth plan that will bring technology into the equation.  This digital platform will allow us to bring together more partners with greater impact.

The solution to wasted food resulted in meals for hungry people.  Second Harvest it’s simple, yet brilliant

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