Trumpism Vs. Michael Moore 



What is Trumpism?  Trumpism is the natural reaction of traditional Americans to the Marxist overthrow of America.  Overthrow?  Yes!  Sounds reactionary?  Yes it does.  Why?  Because it is!  Reactionary-ism is to communism what a hangover is to heavy drinking.      


If the endless theories and philosophies of the Left are brushed away from the eyes their strategy becomes clear; organize, radicalize and expand the underclass, then push this underclass to overthrow the organic ruling group which creates and maintains culture:  then install a Marxist tyranny.  Thats all!  That is what the Left is, nothing more, nothing less. 


For example: Racism.  To normal people a racist is a bigot who hates other people because they are different.  But the modern leftist usage of the term is a white person who is resisting the dissolution of his own culture.  It has nothing to do with hating other races.


A perfect example of this strategy is Michael Moore’s film, “TrumpLand”.  To understand it as crude Marxist propaganda, even now after the election, the “revolt of the underclass” must be understood.  Remember, Barack Obama was a community organizer.  That means it was his job to organize and radicalize the underclass against traditional American culture.  All leftist agendas contribute to this project, without exception, all of them. 


“TrumpLand” carefully depicts any person who resists the revolt of the underclass as either monstrous or somehow unclean.  In the film a Texas woman living in a mansion is portrayed as ignorant yet redeemable because her mind is open to Marxist propaganda.  Her daughter-in-law is a communist from Argentina who is portrayed as enlightened, yet they do not mention the brutal ten-year communist terror campaign that Argentina endured.  In Moore’s film people can only be moral and good if they are prepared to happily endure the difficult changes that the revolt of the underclass will bring.  It is time for Americans to start visualizing what an American civil war between a Red army and a White army would look like.  The ground has been prepared.  


The reason I continue to write alarmist articles is because this exact same process already took place in Russia, in 1917.  Russia had its Michael Moores and if you just replace the words “minorities, women, gays and illegal immigrants” with “workers and peasants”, you will see the mirror image of America today.  Mad Max II.


The revolt of the underclass succeeded in Russia as it has in many other places.  It was followed by a Red vs. White civil war that killed eight to 12 million people and Tsarist Russia was totally destroyed.  Do we really want to repeat the Russian nightmare in America?  


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