Royal Cork Yacht Club





Royal Cork Yacht Club




Sailing for private pleasure began in the 17th century in the Netherlands, where it came to the attention of King Charles II during his exile there.  Upon his return to England, he was given a yacht, and possibly due to his encouragement, private sailing in Cork Harbour began.  In 1720 his great grandson and five of his friends founded the Water Club of the Harbour of Cork.  Ultimately changing its name to Cork Yacht Club, in 1831 King William IV bestowed the prefix “Royal” on the club.  In 1966, it merged with the Royal Munster Yacht Club and moved to its current location in Crosshaven.


With 100 berths, Royal Cork Yacht Club is the oldest yacht club in the world.  Its activities range from young children sailing their dinghies through to large keelboat races on courses set in and around the Cork Harbour area.  Club members participate in events such as the Round Ireland Race, Cowes Week and the Fastnet Race.  The club also has many cruising members, sailing the Irish coast and around the world.


The club hosts major World, European and Irish Championships, including Volvo Cork Week, held every two years, which is considered one of Europe’s best regattas.






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