Yacht Club de Monaco





Yacht Club de Monaco




Known as an international destination for yachting events since the 19th century, the first regattas were held in the Bay of Monaco in 1862, and in 1888 the Société des Régates was established by Prince Charles III and his son Prince Albert.  In 1904, with the development of the internal combustion engine, Monaco saw the first international event for motorboats, and the Principality quickly attracted all the big sailing and motor yachts, becoming the center of the world for innovation and fashionable water sports.


The Yacht Club de Monaco was founded by Prince Rainier, and with 1800 members from 66 nationalities, it attracts the most prestigious yachts in the world.  Today it is twinned with 10 prestigious clubs and has reciprocal agreements with 40 others around the world.  Its sailing school provides lessons for children of six years and older, teaching sailing, paddle-boarding, kayaking and maritime culture.


In 2014 renowned architect Foster and Partners completed a renovated clubhouse, which today is the centerpiece of Monaco’s remodeled harbourfront.  A series of deck-like terraces offer unparalleled views out to races at sea or inland over the course of the Formula 1 Grand Prix circuit.  As stated by the club, becoming a member of the Yacht Club de Monaco is “above all a commitment:  a desire to preserve a certain ethic, on land and at sea, to ensure respect for naval etiquette and preservation of our environment”.




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