Royal Natal Yacht Club





South Africa

Royal Natal Yacht Club




With a temperate climate and warm water all year around Durban, SA, is an outstanding location for a yacht club.  The first club, born in 1858 as the Durban Regatta Club and became the Natal Yacht Club five years later, was the perfect venue for the “gentlemanly” pursuit of yachting, which satisfied the social and sporting agenda of the time.  By 1891 Queen Victoria had taken an interest in the club and she granted the title of “Royal” to its name.  Since then, regattas have been a popular activity on Durban Bay, although yachting ceased during the two World Wars when Durban Bay was closed to leisure activities.


For many years the club had no clubhouse.  In 1990 it moved from its premises, which had become landlocked due to reclamation, to a new location on the water’s edge of Durban Harbour.  Today it has two bars and restaurants that look out over the harbour. 


The club, which is the oldest yacht club in Africa, is open to the public.  Although it is primarily a keelboat club, all aspects of yachting are encouraged.  Every Saturday afternoon dinghy racing takes place in the harbour, and Sundays are focused on keelboat racing.






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