Royal Swedish Yacht Club





Royal Swedish Yacht Club




In the 1830s, when clubs and associations were only beginning to be formed in Sweden, a group of Stockholm’s wealthiest citizens got together to arrange yacht racing within the Stockholm area, and formed the Swedish Sailing Club.  In 1878 Royal status was conferred on the club, and the name was changed to the Royal Swedish Yacht Club.  During the 19th century and the early 20th century, when the cost of sailing boats became more manageable and motor boats appeared in Sweden, the club experienced its largest growth period.  The club is located in Saltsjöbaden, gateway to the archipelago.


With 6,000 members, the Royal Swedish Yacht Club runs sailing activities in several locations.  The marina in Hotellviken contains 350 permanent berths and 35 guest berths.  Sandham, in the outer archipelago, has berths for 180 visiting boats, and for more than 100 years has been the base for the club’s yacht-racing operations.  Lökholmen, with 200 berths, is the club’s island, and runs camp activities during the summer for 500 children and youth. 


The Swedes have one of the highest rates of boat ownership in the world, and during the summer months masses of private yachts can be seen leaving the city and heading into the archipelago.  The Gotland Runt, which is the most famous race in Sweden and is organized by the Royal Swedish Yacht Club, leaves from Sandhamn and goes around the Baltic island of Gotland.



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