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Royal Thames Yacht Club




Founded in 1775 when the Duke of Cumberland, brother of George III, offered a silver cup for a race on the River Thames and formed the Cumberland Fleet with “a group of very respectable gentlemen”, the Royal Thames Yacht Club is the oldest continuously operating yacht club in the world.  While yachting originally took place on the Thames, the advent of the steam train in the mid 1800s made access to the South Coast easier, and boating began to take place on the Solent, the strait between the mainland and the Isle of Wight.  In 1823, it was renamed the Thames Yacht Club, When its patron ascended the throne as William IV in 1830, he granted the club the title of “Royal”.  In 1887, a race was organized around the British Isles in honor of Queen Victoria’s Golden Jubilee, which proved to be the first official race organized by a club.


Originaly, members of the club met in coffee houses.  Starting in 1857, the club owned several properties in London, moving to Knightsbridge, overlooking Hyde Park, in 1923.  Today the clubhouse contains bars, reading and meeting rooms, a restaurant and cabins for visitors to the city.


In 2005 the Royal Thames Yacht Club Charitable Trust was formed, whose purpose it is to provide people from disadvantaged backgrounds with the opportunity to sail on a yacht as part of the crew for a week.



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