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This is Tasimba – A Village Called Ngamo

Chapter Seven of Eight





It’s not even a dot on a map. 




There are no paved roads here, just some bush tracks made by 4X4’s driven by wildlife guides.  The railway line is about a mile away, dead straight for 70 miles.  The daily train stops here only if someone wants to get on or off.



The soil here is sandy so it’s not much good for crops.  And by the end of the long dry winter, the grazing for the villagers’ hardy cattle is sparse.  Many villagers go to the cities (the nearest is 200 miles away) to search for work, but unemployment is sky-high.  A lucky few work in the safari camps inside the neighboring Hwange National Park.



That’s where Wilderness Safaris comes in.


Wilderness, who operate our camp, understand the mutually beneficial relationship between their beautiful safari camps and the nearby rural villages.  The villagers get jobs and Wilderness invests in village infrastructure.  



Our Tasimba guests get to enjoy the very best of this symbiosis.  At Linkwasha Camp you will experience first-hand the wonderful, joyful staff who look after guests with smiles a mile wide.  Then when we take you to nearby Ngamo village, you will engage in a fascinating dialogue with the village Headman Mr. Johnson and his lovely wife Dorothy.  You get to shop too for authentic local crafts made by the villagers – no made in China here!



Then it’s off to meet the children of Ngamo Primary School who exuberantly sing and dance in welcome.  Later you enjoy the truly inspiring experience of a personal Q&A session with a group of Grade 6 & 7 children.  The kids’ enthusiasm is infectious.  Their eagerness to learn, their unbridled openness and their sheer joy will reach deep into your heart.  This day will remain with you.



At Tasimba, because our visit to Ngamo village and school means so much to our guests, we donate a year’s school fees for one local child for each one of our guests.


It’s our contribution to the next generation of Africa’s leaders. 


Click here to watch an uplifting, heart-warming greeting to our visiting Tasimba Guests:


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