By Hugh Coppen

Founder – Tasimba

San Francisco – California.  USA






This is Tasimba – Inspiration from Experts

Chapter Five of Eight




Creating an African safari experience that is like no other requires adding many unique benefits into the week.  Tasimba does that by bringing several visiting experts into camp.  Their topics and presentations inspire great discussions and a deeper immersion into Africa than is available on any typical safaris.



Tasimba member David Markus (Ubuntu Clan, November 2016) describes the added value he experienced:

“Here’s the thing with Tasimba.  It’s not just what you see in the bush: the animals, the landscape, the sunsets and cloud displays that are so transforming.  It’s the peer group conversation and thought-provoking analysis that comes from your fellow travelers and the experts that Tasimba brings to the mix.  The local guides and anti-poaching specialists who take you inside their world of conservation and celebration of nature; the folks who run the camps and spearhead the programs of support for the local villages; the headmaster of the local school and the headman and his wife who see to the needs of the villagers; all of them are on hand to share with you their insight into the leadership and perseverance required to make a difference in a world of constant challenge and change. 


Simple insights and observational instruction from South African business strategist and naturalist Vernon Creswell about what we can learn from the behaviors of elephants, wild dogs and lions have become staples of my team management roster of techniques for motivation and problem solving.



In addition to the special magic of a masterfully planned safari experience, the Tasimba team infuses a daily dose of conversational depth and value that has stuck with me ever since.”



There’s no doubt that Tasimba guests get a deeper, richer immersion into Africa through the wide-ranging topics which are woven into the week-long Tasimba experience.



Awareness, discovery and fresh thinking that is inspired by our experts – another unique benefit that adds yet more value to make Tasimba the African safari experience like no other.



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