By Hugh Coppen

Founder – Tasimba

San Francisco – California.  USA




This is Tasimba – the African safari experience like no other

Chapter One Of Eight




At heart, I am a bushman.


Having grown up in Africa I have a lifelong passion for the wilderness.  Every one of the countless safaris I’ve ever been on, whether in an open 4X4, on a bush walk or paddling a canoe, has been powerfully inspiring – and has always left me yearning for the next one.

You’ll never feel more alive than on safari – the breathtaking wonder of nature unfolding before you, the mesmerizing sounds of the incredible wildlife, and the peace and tranquility of the gentle African landscape.  Once experienced, safari will always call you to come back.   



I’m inspired by the wonders of nature.  I am enthralled with the untamed beauty of the wilderness.  I am curious and fascinated watching the mysteries of all the amazing creatures, big and small, being revealed in their natural habitat.  I love the feeling of being absorbed into the natural cycle of life, the way it’s been for thousands of years.


Tasimba was born out of a love to share my African inspiration with others.  I welcome you to join us! 



Tasimba is a unique safari designed to inspire people who seek personal and professional growth by immersing them more deeply in Africa than other typical safaris.



It’s a week-long experience in sole occupancy of a luxury safari camp in its own vast private wilderness disconnected from the outside world (except in emergencies).



Tasimba guests get an amazing safari in a stunning game rich wilderness.  Combined with the added benefits of deep self-awareness, mindfulness and a renewal of core values they are inspired to recharge their lives through self-discovery and fresh thinking.  When they leave they tell us it was “the best trip of my life”, “unforgettable”, “inspiring”, a “life-changing experience”, “amazing” and “incredible”.  We promise that because it is so unique, no one will ever forget their Tasimba experience. 


So take Africa off your bucket list and book now – with Tasimba, the safari like no other!


**  To join our next Tasimba experience or for more information please contact:


     Hugh Coppen

     415.805.8611  or




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