By Hugh Coppen

Founder – Tasimba

San Francisco – California.  USA




This is Tasimba – What Makes It So Unique

Chapter Two of Eight




Why safari with Tasimba?


African safaris are all about incredible viewing of wild animals in their natural wilderness habitat.  That’s why people travel there rather than to the zoo.  And, as you’d expect from the very best safaris, Tasimba certainly delivers amazing and breathtaking wildlife encounters.



But we add a whole lot more than just getting you up close to Africa’s most iconic animal species.  A Tasimba safari gives our guests a uniquely inspiring experience and a deeper, more stimulating engagement with Africa.  It will be the safari you will never forget.



Tasimba combines several powerful influences to make your experience so unique, including:

  • Exclusive occupancy of a luxury safari camp;
  • A vast private wilderness, teeming with wildlife;
  • Twice daily safaris, in 4X4’s or walking, led by the most highly qualified guides in Africa;
  • A peer group of like-minded people who are all in search of personal growth, inspiration and learning;
  • Stimulating discussion topics in our daily ‘Indabas’ (meetings), each led by outside experts, including:
    • Life and Leadership Lessons from Nature
    • Wildlife Conservation and Wildlife Crime
    • Deep insights into Africa
    • Engaging the Community and the Children in their wildlife heritage
    • Local and Corporate Culture
  • A visit to Ngamo village (outside Hwange National Park), for an engaging meeting with the Headman, and lively conversations with eager groups of schoolchildren;
  • At least two hours a day of personal mindfulness that we call ‘Africa time’ – to absorb the extraordinary peace of the wilderness and to let Africa fill your heart and soul;
  • Six uninterrupted days ‘off the grid’ to reconnect with yourself and your life’s purpose;
  • Shared group activities, mealtimes and the campfire all of which create lasting bonds of friendship and membership of an exclusive Tasimba ‘clan’.



It all adds up to the most unforgettable experience of your life.


“Tasimba takes people out of their comfort zones into the African wilderness and challenges them with new ways of thinking.”

– Strat Sherman, Connecticut, Tasimba Guest, March 2016



To join our next Tasimba experience or for more information, please contact;

Hugh Coppen

415.805. 8611  or




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