Le début de l’été  — The Early Summer




Very much aware of the need for fantasy in our post Helen Gurley Brown world, while dancing at midnight I dream of an unforgettable dinner that becomes a mirror of new beginnings.


Dear friends, let your hearts, your passions take away this picture of wonder as a memory to stay.


My gathering at midnight is for a table for two – embracing everything crystal.  Heart-shaped floats filled with marzipan candies, frosted brioche cake piled high with glistening French fruits glacés and gâteaux secs accompanied with pots of Bar-le-Duc red currant jam in lavishly faceted crystal compotes – enhancing the baroque look of my table.


The French, raw-silk napkins illuminating the Carrara black marble dining table for two, is enhanced with matching feathered chair cushions all tied and festooned with black bows and yellow ribbons, reflecting through the elaborate crystalline candlelight.


Le début de l’été – The Early Summer!


“The definition of one night can make a difference.”  And who would argue with that?


Happy Summer into Fall my friends.  Let your heart, your passions take away whatever is the meaning of love to you.



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