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The summits held during 2017 so far have been anything but successful. But the international calendar is etched in stone. And this time it’s the G20 which will be called upon to demonstrate what other summits couldn’t: That multilateral diplomacy still works.The atmosphere will not be much better than it was in May, when disagreements overwhelmed efforts at better cooperation. The Western …_








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EU referendum. Remain supporters gather on Park Lane in London, before marching to Parliament Square to show their support for the European Union in the wake of Brexit. Picture date: Saturday July 2, 2016. Demonstrators wearing EU flags as capes and with homemade banners saying “Bremain” and “We Love EU” gathered on the streets around Park Lane for the March for Europe rally. See PA story POLITICS Protest. Photo credit should read: Daniel Leal-Olivas/PA Wire URN:26773176 [ Rechtehinweis: picture alliance / empics ]





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