By Taz Garcia Himself

Los Angeles – California






Action Star Career

Chapter One of Two




TAZ GARCIA and ACTION are two words often interchanged amongst the experts in the industry.  Committed, focused, and passionate about his work, the multitalented and charismatic Taz is always prepared to wow the audience with highly trained martial arts sequences along with electrifying stunts.  


Quickly gaining the attention as the NEW BLOOD generation of Action Stars, Garcia is definitely not just a pretty face.



The Briefcase, one of Garcia’s first yet notable productions was written, directed and starring the ever evolving Taz – earning him several awards and nominations over the years that followed including “Breakout Action Star” in 2013 at the Los Angeles Action on Film International Festival.


Widely regarded as one of the nicest guys on set, Garcia has recently wrapped his starring role on Trust, a Canadian film about the importance of trust or lack of thereof in any relationship.  He has also recently wrapped work on Shadowhunter – season 3 and Lost in the Pacific, a Chinese-Hollywood sci-fi where he was the sole Canadian Star on the roster.


Garcia is currently moving forward with his next production, an action-comedy film “First Bust” that is forecast to be the largest Canadian Chinese co-production.  Garcia strives to continue gaining momentum in the industry as the next big action star.

“I want to be the hero that gets hurt.  Gets bruised. To show that heroes feel scared too! Be the one that showcases how they overcome obstacles.  To portray a realistic hero with depth. A hero the audience can relate to and inspire to be like” — Taz.


Like in martial arts, Taz continues to train and evolve with every role he encounters. Each experience serves as a lesson in life and a practice to add to his talent.  As his heroes have inspired him, wakes up every morning to push the limits and work harder than yesterday, to be a hero not only on the big screen but also in the real world.


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