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Action Star Career

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Martial Arts and Fitness




Sports have been a huge part of my life. It taught me the art of performing for an audience at the highest level.  If you underperformed you were benched, therefore your options were limited.  Top form or you take a back seat because you’re “old news”.  Much like the entertainment industry.


I first started playing tennis at the age of 7.  Then went off to join soccer soon after.  I continued to play both sports until I reached pro level eventually Joining ATP juniors for Tennis and Manchester United Junior team for soccer.  I grew an interest in martial arts as I grew older and could watch more action movies.  Yet, I didn’t connect right away because the discipline in classes seemed intimidating.  I remember thinking to myself once, “How can they kick that high?  How can they flip like that?  Will it hurt when I have to do the splits?”  Fast forward years later, reality struck me after saving a friend that was bullied and fearing I could be next, I gathered whatever courage I had and walked into my first Dojo and have never looked back since.



My interest in other styles grew as I progressed and discovered my own weaknesses through competitions and performances.  As a result l I trained in Karate, Kung Fu, Wrestling and Capoeira.  It was inevitable that I would want to share my knowledge at some point, and I started a martial arts school from 2002-2014 before I started getting consistent work in the film industry.


Martial Arts to me has become a way of life, a practice I followed since the early age of 9, and a skill now appreciated in my performances.  I grew up admiring heroes such as Jackie Chan, Jean Claude Van Damme, and Sylvester Stallone and Unlike the CGI emphasized styles seen in today’s action films, I especially respect the kind of raw brilliance these heroes have displayed.  I believe that blood, sweat, and hard work is the only path and it transpires through all ventures in life.


It’s been a great passage of life to stay fit, and be able to share that knowledge with athletes, friends, family and co-actors.  Sports will always be a lifestyle that keeps my health and fitness in check, yet provides me an edge in a very competitive industry. 



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