Photograph by Peter Solmssen. San Francisco




To Unify




To combine absolutely everything functional from all trials.

To reap the rewards of humanities’ success.  

To breathe in today, and not fear tomorrow. 


Ignorance is a shadow cast by blind faith. 

It causes us to deflect each other, instead of embrace each other. 


We could overcome this. 

We could function beyond the one percent. 

We could all care. 


But would we? 


Will we? 


Odds out of favor, for mankind is of greed. 

Possibilities and Probabilities. 


One provides butterflies, and the other soaks its wings in water. 

Keep our heads held high, and our expectations even higher. 

Hold ourselves to it.  Breathe peace. 

For very few chances to grow out of our ways will pass in the blink of an eye. 


Are we able to reverse the damage we are doing?  Yes. 


To comprehend is one thing.  To act is another. 

Reality does not have to be so bleak.









From Me To You




I have a box, not big, not small,

not magical,

simply wrapped.

It is a box of gifts, from me to you.


Take the box. Open the box.

Look inside, see my favorite possessions.


Kisses to melt your hurts

Hugs to embrace tenderness, caring

Passions to stay true to your beliefs

Hope to wash away any burdens, light the darkness.


Laughter to share, scatter

Joy to live abundantly with gratitude

Smiles to keep sadness at bay

to know the beauty of your being.


Dreams to never give in or up

A book of blank pages to fill

with warm words that stem from the

depths of your heart, honest, true.


Love to treasure, be unconditional

to give, to walk with you, to bloom.   






What is this thing called Death?



Without a doubt Death is unknowable and uncertain.

Death is life’s forbidden topic and ultimate question.


Some believe Death is a state of no pain and no worry; a resting place where we stay present for eternity.


Others say Death is a state of altered consciousness or total consciousness or no consciousness.


Still others propose Death as the launch pad for our next incarnation.


In my life, from the start, Death has been my companion ready for action; and, it will be my escort at my end.


I envision Death to be similar to the black hole that Alice in Wonderland went down, down, down where she met the unexpected.


Without a doubt Death will mark the end of my story telling.


Death is the moment when life makes an instant change.

Death is life’s greatest mystery where no one is left out.





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