Mark Raynes Roberts is a Canadian crystal artist and designer who was born in England, and has been 
based in Toronto, Canada for the past 30 years.  He has worked with many of North America’s top 
Fortune 500 companies and also with such luxury brands as Asprey, Neiman Marcus and Birks. 
His major works of art have been presented to royalty, world leaders, Hollywood celebrities and sports superstars, and reside in private and corporate art collections internationally.


Eternal Vision - raynes-roberts_7 cu


“Eternal Vision” – Optical Crystal Sculpture and Sterling Silver, 13″ht x 20″w x 5″d. 


 This unique crystal sculpture incorporates a 478ct Brazilian Aquamarine (gemstone of wisdom, courage and happiness) set within a hand-made sterling silver sculpture symbolic of ocean waves, olive branches and doves of peace.  The commissioned sculpture represents hope for the children of the world, enlightenment for humanity and a world free of pollution and the extinction of our precious wildlife.  Private Collection.




 Through The Looking Glass 

“Through The Looking Glass” Alice in Wonderland – 65lb Canary Yellow Optical Crystal Cullet, 20″w x 14″h x 6.5″d.


 The magical world created by Lewis Carroll is captured in this unique organic piece of optical crystal, hand engraved on both sides it conveys his narrative story in a world of reflective alchemy. Price $9,600. 





“In the Sanctuary of the Universal Mind” – Optical Crystal Sculpture.  14″ht x 14″w x 3″d.  Black Granite and Walnut Illuminated Base.  $11,750.


Inspired by the late jazz pianist Bill Evans.

“Art should enrich the soul it should teach spirituality and reveal a part of us we never knew existed.”

                                                                                                                                                                                        – Bill Evans





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