Mark Raynes Roberts is a Canadian crystal artist and designer who was born in England, and has been 
based in Toronto, Canada for the past 30 years.  He has worked with many of North America’s top 
Fortune 500 companies and also with such luxury brands as Asprey, Neiman Marcus and Birks. 
His major works of art have been presented to royalty, world leaders, Hollywood celebrities and sports superstars, and reside in private and corporate art collections internationally.




Angels S3


“Angels of Love” – 2-piece Optical Crystal Sculpture.  Rosewood Custom-Made Base.  $4,950. 


Two ethereal angels are reflected in this unique sculpture.  One trumpeting the beauty of love and the other, the new found joy of life and a loving relationship.




Winter Wisehr1a


“Winter Wise” – 2-piece Great Horned Owl, Optical Crystal Sculpture, 11″ht x 6.5″w x 6.5″d.  Private collection.


Green Marble and Walnut Revolving Base.


The Great Horned Owl is refracted as the sculpture is turned creating three unique views of the majestic bird caught in flight and sitting in peace in the Caledon countryside.




Flight of Imagination A6


 “Flight of the Imagination” – Optical Crystal Pyramid.  14″h x 7.5″w x  7.5″d.  Price $8,750.


The sculpture “Flight of Imagination” symbolizes the euphoric moment when the mind opens our eyes to a new idea, born from an unknown place within our soul and spirit; a subconscious enlightened experience which is boundless in its scope, reflecting whole new worlds of possibilities.


Light pours down from the pinnacle illuminating doves, whose wings appear to sprinkle diamond dust upon an imaginary oriental garden.



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