Mark Raynes Roberts is a Canadian crystal artist and designer who was born in England, and has been 
based in Toronto, Canada for the past 30 years.  He has worked with many of North America’s top 
Fortune 500 companies and also with such luxury brands as Asprey, Neiman Marcus and Birks. 
His major works of art have been presented to royalty, world leaders, Hollywood celebrities and sports superstars, and reside in private and corporate art collections internationally.




LIVELife Bowl Collection is a series of three themed bowls (Water, Earth and Sky) in collaboration with acclaimed Canadian glass blower Andy Kuntz.



Emotional Waters of Insight - Salmon Bowl (BA)



“Emotional Water’s of Insight” WATER Glass Bowl + Optical Crystal Base, 14″h x 12″w x  12″d.

The salmon’s wisdom includes the value of returning home to regenerate, swimming upstream through emotional waters to gain insight, knowledge and wisdom.

The Celts considered the salmon the wisest of animals, and an inspiring symbol to emulate in purpose and spiritual growth.



Emotional Waters of Insight - Salmon Bowl cu1 (BA) 





Ribbons of Beauty - Sky Bowl (Detail) 


“Ribbons of Beauty” – SKY Bowl Glass Bowl + Optical Crystal Base, 14″h x 12″w x  12″d.

The naturally formed bowl of deep indigo blue lightens in color as the seagulls effortlessly 
  soar on the invisible thermals. Each of the hand engraved clouds are depicted as ethereal ribbons of beauty, providing seamless horizons of possibilities and imaginary islands of refuge. 



Ribbons of Beauty - Sky Bowl A1 





Imprints of Time - Earth Bowl lr1 

“Imprints of Time” – EARTH Glass Bowl + Optical Crystal Base, 14″h x 12″w x  12″d.

Evokes the terracotta hues of our planets landscape, and the engraved strata lines, the evidence in the form of fossils.

It is the existence of these imprints which help to reveal who we are as a species, unyet it is time which determines whether they ever will be.

Concealed in fragmented layers, these hidden treasures of time also provide an analogy or our own untold stories, which shape not only our own lives but also the lives of future generations.



Imprints of Time - web


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