Mark Raynes Roberts is a Canadian crystal artist and designer who was born in England, and has been 
based in Toronto, Canada for the past 30 years.  He has worked with many of North America’s top 
Fortune 500 companies and also with such luxury brands as Asprey, Neiman Marcus and Birks. 
His major works of art have been presented to royalty, world leaders, Hollywood celebrities and sports superstars, and reside in private and corporate art collections internationally.






“Regatta” – Optical Crystal 3-Piece Sculpture, 11″ht x 13″w x 4.5″d.  Black Granite Base with Black Suede.  $5,450.


This 3-piece sculpture when closed depicts sail boats enjoying a leisurely day on the ocean,
and when opened up, (as shown) a competitiveness race of yachts under full sail.





“Shooting Party” – Optical Crystal 3-Piece Sculpture, 11″ht x 13″w x 4.5″d.  Green Marble Base with Green Suede. $7,500


 This 3-piece sculpture depicts the gentleman’s sport of duck shooting set in the quintessential English country landscape.


Shooting Party - Mark Raynes Roberts



“The Polo Match” – Optical Crystal 3-Piece Sculpture, 14″ht x 14″w x 5.5″d.  Brown Italian Marble Base with Tan Suede.  $9,950.


 This 3-piece sculpture captures the dexterity speed and power of  polo players caught in action during a chukka.




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