JL Exclusive – JO LEE – Diabetes & Me!

By Josephina Lee Mascioli-Mansell

New York/San Francisco/Hong Kong/London/Tokyo/Rome/Toronto






Diabetes & Me!




Have you ever thought of turning ideas into motion.?


Have you ever thought of the importance of going-out-on-a-limb, creating sound techniques that will work for you, only you and yourself.


I have! 


And I have because I live on airplanes, dash to meetings in different countries, different time zones and cultures and.. and.. when suddenly diagnosed with zero symptoms in March of 2012 – I very quickly had my long talk ‘to me from me’.  “Jo Lee” I said to me, “if you use your intelligence, apply trial and error findings to yourself as a Guinea Pig, it should lead to a fascinating outcome.”


And so: I, Jo Lee, became the Guinea Pig!  And yes, there were fascinating outcomes.  A

‘way – my way of life’ that can embrace the simplicity of: Diabetes & Me as I dash around ‘the world on the run’.


I’m told that what I have is uncommon…  and that ‘my’ experience with diabetes control is unique because I, somehow, am able to balance food, activity and medication in such a way that I can remain in excellent control.


One of my attorneys once said my successes in great part, were lumped into a four letter word spelt ‘luck’!  Hmmm from Philanthropy to Publishing to Diabetes: yes.  Luck.


When I first was diagnosed, panic never set in.  I upped my exercising, upped my nutritional drinks, found a tremendous specialist and… here I am.


Have you ever stopped to realize that..


Diabetes is not death.  My heavens!  Throw away those negative woos from people who don’t have a clue as to ‘what’ they’re talking about!  But be smart!  Diabetes is not the end of a normal life.  It’s the beginning of a new adventure ‘as long as’ you understand — Diabetes should not set the pace.  The pace should be set by {you}.


My Dream is for YOU to remember – that ‘intelligence’ and ‘common sense’ – rule.




        Not Overwhelmed  –  I MAKE IT Easy



Food Consumption.. 

        I eat normally until I’m full.  And I don’t obsess 

        I choose the carbs.  It’s simple.  Main course or, dessert   



Alcoholic Beverages..

        I’m wise.  I don’t consume just-to-consume



Exercising When Rushing.. 

         6 Minutes in the morning.  Includes 40 Seconds of high speed

         2 Minutes in the evening  

         The retention cord is so simple to travel with



Pace Myself..

          I THINK 3 things

          —  Exercise

          —  Nutritional input

          —  Pace myself – calculate my day



When I Need More Energy..? 

         I cut the Carbs

         * Write me at..  jolee@joleemagazine.com



Bowel Cleanse..

         I adore SD Tea — Green.  Incredible!



Whew – Thinning Hair..

         BioSil tablets have rejuvenated the thickness.  Marvelous!



Facial Weight Loss..

         Botox, Juvederm, Spectra.  Amazing! 



I AM NOT A MEDICAL MIND..  I am a gal with D who’s stretched the limits and with intelligence, have found this to work, just for me…


What I can suggest to the world is to a.} find yourself a great specialist and, as you’re doing so, refer to your country’s DIABETES ASSOCIATION.  Canada’s writings ‘are quite new and for the world to appreciate.  http://www.diabetes.ca




  • The outcome expressed in this article was the result of an analysis conducted strictly for the writer. 






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