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Donna Karan and her husband Stephan Weiss. Stephan died just six months after Donna gifted him with the virgin land that would become the family resort known as Parrot Cay in Turks & Caicos.


Donna Karan

Bali Family Retreat Turks & Caicos




In Parrot Cay, situated in Turks and Caicos, nestled between a lush green scenic backdrop, with a seashell sandy shore, is where Donna Karan presented her husband, Stephan Weiss, with the piece of heaven she would eventually grow into her family vacation home and homage to her late husband, as he would die of cancer within the following six months. Stephan had asked her to build a dwelling for each of the children on the property; a promise that Donna Karan fulfilled with passion and Zen.


The main house of Donna’s Turks & Caicos Parrot Cay. Modern minimalism, exterior walls composed of floor-to-ceiling windows for unobstructed views of the lush greenery.


As promised, Donna Karan went to work in Weiss’s memory.  Bringing Bali to Turks and Caicos, she enlisted architect Cheong Yen Kuan as well as architects and interior designers Dominic Koserski and Enrico Bonetti.  Together they created a dreamlike oasis composed of six structures: three vacation homes and three pavilions.  It even boasts an Indonesian bale.


Common living and dining room that opens to one of the pools on the private resort. Designed for a natural flow with sophisticated simplicity.


Serene in its capture, the entire property seems to be a haven for comfort, and somehow evokes creative daydreaming.  Sprawled over a beachfront view of white sands is situated an infinity pool, lined with volcanic rock, and with a bird’s-eye-view of the gorgeous Atlantic Ocean.


The living and dining pavilion is constructed of ruddy bangkirai wood with a ceiling made of rattan.


The property truly is a sight to be seen.  Luxuriously Zen.  When designing the eco-friendly family vacation sanctuary, balance and wellness were paramount, with oversized furnishings and lounging ever-present as you explore this yogi’s dream destination. Outdoor recesses with organic fabrics, nothing is harsh or seemingly resembles the concrete jungle of New York City, for which Karan was ever famous in her designs.  Truly a masterpiece of Zen, where east meets west. 


Donna and her family reconnect in urban zen. Parrot Cay is all about family and friends.


Donna’s vacation home boasts comfort and luxury with soft white fabrics over low, timber bases.  Floating couches operated by mechanisms literally suspend them in mid-air. Modernly simple bathrooms with deep soaking tubs made from Travertine create a spa-like environment.


Four poster low-profile bed, stoic and calming in its placement. This room was designed for sleep and rejuvenation, minimalism in its most luxurious example.


Donna’s personal en-suite houses a steam shower as well.  It is obvious that Karan fused the indoor with the outdoor environments relatively seamlessly.  Large windows and pavilions have created a most airy feeling throughout the dwellings… even the screening room is in open air.


Deep soaking tub made of Travertine enveloped in floor to ceiling windows overlooks an enclave of an all-natural eco-system with spectacular views. The island is extremely private.


Monochromatic in that all the natural tones throughout the buildings of the island are gentle and very natural to the eye, with graphic polarity only through the neutral tones of organic white materials sitting on the deeper neutral tones of the teak furnishings.  With the cedar and coral stone walls, floors of European walnut, rattan ceilings, even ruddy bangkirai wood on some of the structures, and art from Bali and Africa, there is no question that Donna has created a gentle and nurturing environment in homage of her beloved Stephan, and haven for her family.


The entire estate is designed for relaxation.  Donna Karan has said, “there is nothing that you can’t fall asleep on”.



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