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When we look at the world through the eyes of Unsung Heroes we see undreamed of possibilities.  More and more we appreciate the incredible number of nominations submitted from around the world in the five ADESTE categories: Humanities, Social Justice, Arts, Technology and Medicine.  The nominees of The ADESTE Gold Medal remind us of how many wonderful people are doing amazing things from corner to corner in this chaotic world.  Also, we are reminded that the most important aspect, the heart, of ADESTE, is to discover “the 40 and under” Unsung Heroes who “outperform” in a globe of billions.


Jo Lee Magazine And Its 21 World Voting Members Of Adeste Present With Pride

 The 13th Annual Adeste Gold Medal Laureate 2017



Strasbourg — France

33 Years







In the last 12 years, more than 8,000 children have sung with Alfonso Nsangu-Cornu’s Gospel Kids choir at concerts across France.  Alfonso arrived in France in 1989 at the age of six, fleeing war in his home country, Angola.  He first experienced gospel music as a teenager when he joined a choir in Strasbourg.  After leaving school, he had a brief career as a mechanic before switching to become a full-time youth worker. 


In 2003, he combined his love of working with children with his passion for music in a series of extracurricular singing classes held at a local school.  Their success paved the way for Alfonso to set up Gospel Kids  the following year.  Since then, Alfonso has brought together children from different neighborhoods, social backgrounds and cultures to sing gospel, African and French songs at a total of nearly 500 concerts.


Integrating the choir


The courses are open to all children from five to 15 years old.  For children under five, it is possible to integrate into the choir but with the consent of the choirmaster.  “I wish that in my choir, the children take a real pleasure to sing with the others.”


Gospel lessons


“I make sure the children are as comfortable as possible by putting me within their reach and letting them express their joy of singing.”  Each year, the directory is renewed in relation to the theme exploited with the repertoire revolving around Gospel and African songs, but there are also original compositions about shared values and the theme of the season. 



Music as a medium of communication and entertainment has the power to bring people together and to heal spiritual wounds.  More at…


“Without Music, life would be a mistake.” 


JO LEE Magazine applauds, congratulates and reveres Alfonso Nsangu-Cornu for his compassion – for embracing the world at large.


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