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Free Trade Agreements




All of the arguments about the loss of exports of agricultural and intellectual products if we restrict or otherwise change these agreements I think – overlook the basic problem with our experiences with free trade.


We have been exporting more and more of our steel and manufacturing capacity in exchange for income from agricultural exports. 


National security requires that we are prepared to wage a war.  Being prepared is not a matter of do we have a stockpile of weapons and other equipment, but rather the ability to make the required military hardware.  If we don’t have factories that make similar peacetime products, we cannot convert to a war economy.


Even more critical is having a supply of materials for making war equipment.


This is what needs to change.  Or do you think there will be no more wars?


Unfortunately there will be more wars and it will not be just with Atom Bombs.  There will be sea wars and invasions.  Why? 


Well mostly because there always have been, but also because mankind has not changed – at least not as far as our animalistic greed and desire for power continues to survive.


Have you noticed how China has been tying up natural resources around the world and building aircraft carriers and nuclear submarines?  While we develop our agriculture?



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