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Full Employment




It seems we will go on interminably subsidizing idleness and crime instead of employment.


Given that all potential employees are the same we need to give more attention to the ones that are not computer nerds or administrators; ie those who can produce manufactured products.


We currently subsidize those potential production workers by family support replacing worker pay.


Why are we locked in this ridiculous situation of increasing idleness crime?   Because, we have exported our manufacturing capacity to low wage countries.  Nice for them but a serious problem for us. 


It is nice to have cheap products, but not nice to have so many unemployed.


We should start with industries needed in time of war.  You don’t think we will have any more wars?  –  not an historically sound assumption.


How do we get the jobs back home – tariffs are the only way I know – to start.  But as foreign wages rise we need to decrease tariffs – which is a political challenge.


And – we need good job training as we had a couple of generations ago. The public schools had streamed education when they recognized that people have different talents and are not all the same.  Yes it may look like racial discrimination but it is just recognizing that heredity plays a role in human talent.


I suppose this may be politically incorrect – what do you think?





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