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The Supreme Court




We take great pride in our lack of criminal politicians whose corruption would give huge cash or other benefits to their friends or relatives.  In fact I have often said the unique element of our three party system is the independent Supreme Court.  A part of our famous “Checks and Balances”.

When I witnessed Russia’s Supreme Court being shelled into submission by President Yeltsin (about 2002 ?) it confirmed my confidence in our system.

So where is it now?  Or rather where was it when the Clintons undertook to obtain huge receipts of cash in exchange for providing the sale of uranium to Russia.  Although still under investigation by Congress why isn’t the investigation before the Supreme Court. 

Is it helpless while the FBI, Attorney General and Congressional Committees refuse to take any meaningful action?

This is a useful lesson in how government really works.  We thought it was so cool and now we find it is a mess.  The only meaningful actions Congress has taken the last few years have been to give themselves medical and retirement plans which are better than what we have and make huge grants to other countries and our citizens with lessor incomes.

To accommodate these expenditures they have failed to increase military spending in the face of huge investments by China and Russia in announced plans to take control of the World.  To add to our increased vulnerability we have exported the industries that would be the backbone of our war effort when the inevitable happens.  (Yes, there is little hope of avoiding war).  Have we retained enough metal production facilities, airplane technology and atom bombs to win?  I have not even seen a discussion of this as an element in our trade agreements.

So Trump was elected to clean the swamp.  Let’s hope he survives and has a better Congress next year.

And let’s hope The Supreme Court gets in the Act.















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