By Stanley J Dorst

San Francisco – California






The UN




I am very impressed by the recent precedent setting action by a long useless United Nations.  (I am sure someone can point out many good things it has done, but is it not mostly social work)? I am referring to the recent actions to enforce it’s resolution on trade with North Korea.  Can the USA, Russia and China really stick together on this and make it work?  Is there a new age of the great powers working together for peace?


How is The President able to get China and Russia to join us in this effort when they are actively carrying out actions which appear threatening war with us.  Russia is moving troops toward the West in Europe and China is building military facilities on islands far from Chins, as well as aircraft carriers and nuclear submarines.


If most all trade is really cut off from North Korea, it would be a recent first in solving a rogue nation problem.  It may precipitate some rash action by North Korea, but the only alternative is for us to bomb their sites.  They have proven that they can defend themselves – hopefully that is enough showing off.


Clearly Trump knows how to negotiate.






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