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 The Red Symphony 



When I moved from California to Russia in 1992 I found a nation of people in severe agitation.  They were experiencing a true economic collapse, not a banking crisis like we have from time to time in the West.  Soviet culture had been discarded by the same elites who had previously enforced it and its grotesque form of political correctness.  Throughout the Western media there was a stream of articles explaining how devastating it must be for Soviet citizens to suddenly be told that everything they believed in all their lives was a big fat lie. 


Well, this was a shock, but not as big a shock as one might think.  Although there was a brutal political correctness in the Soviet Union that dictated even how a person trimmed his beard, people were not expected to believe the psychological operations inflicted on them. 


What do I mean by psychological operations?  To really understand leftism/Marxism it is necessary to grasp that it is an orchestra of psychological operations playing a Red Symphony.  In the case of the Soviet Union, it was the ideas that Russians had been oppressed by their own Czarist culture, that the 1917 Revolution was a good thing, that all the peoples of the Soviet Union must discard their own identities and become a new kind of people, Soviet People, in which Poles are equal in every way to Uzbek tribal warriors.  Naturally, when the cat was let out of the bag that this was all a hoax, it was not too big of a shock to the victims of the Red Symphony.



In the case of the West I believe the shock will be more profound when our Red Symphony propaganda machine suddenly discards the psychological operations that the Boomers have been raised on.  Our Red orchestra is strumming false PSYOPs {psychological operations} like global warming, egalitarianism, feminism, the West as oppressors, gay rights, and socialism etc. non-stop.  The media in the West functions as enforcers against hecklers of these PSYOPs.  TV talk show hosts and news anchor people are like the conductors of this symphony. 


Imagine the shock when those musicians and enforcers declare that their music is false.  In the case of the Soviet Union this happened with a massive economic crisis in which the state also declared that it can no longer provide for all its dependents.


Try for a moment to picture this in America:  all of the rationalizations for dependency are suddenly destroyed and the tens of millions of people dependent on the government are on their own.  The same leftists who did this to the Soviet people are running our Red Symphony.  They did once, they can do it again.  




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