The Flon




Prior to the late 1800s, in what is now the center of Lausanne, the Flon River flowed through a peaceful valley.  In 1868 two entrepreneurs envisaged a goods station servicing a future railway.  With the inauguration of the railway in 1877, the valley was levelled out and the platform was developed into warehouses.  With additional industrialization, the area developed into sawmills, tanneries and rail connections, and the Flon River subsequently disappeared under the buildings.  As use of depots declined in the 1950s, the area fell into disuse.  Offices and artists’ studios began to move into the deteriorating buildings, and so it remained until the Swiss real estate company Mobimo began rejuvenation of the area in 2009.


Flon is now an area focused on creativity and entertainment.  Mobimo’s vision was to preserve the original industrial architecture while building for the future.  The buildings, which range in style from Arabic architecture to modern design, house boutiques, offices, parking garages, apartments, restaurants, a cinema complex, bowling alley and a gym.


Seasonal events are held in the Flon throughout the year.  One of the major attractions of the district is Flon Art, which takes place in the summer.  For two days, studios and art galleries welcome the public, and the district is alive with concerts, dance performances, special exhibitions and art installations.


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