THRU THE EYES OF JO LEE – A Romantic Repast

By Josephina Lee Mascioli-Mansell

New York/San Francisco/Hong Kong/London/Tokyo/Rome/Toronto






This month and in all the months ahead, the stars shine for “the dream” in all of us.


I pause for a moment, reminisce and conceive that the dinner parties my mother and father so brilliantly produced best exemplify my mosaic of the stars above.


As I scurry through Vienna’s streets with mind crackling in excitement, I beam at the joy of knowing that what I’m about to create will be a grand opportunity to dine with historical figures of our past and to study the settings and improvise to our heart’s content, in an evening by the fire.






A Romantic Repast




Shall we step into the monarchial décor of the past, its velvets, its white satins, its crystal and gold, its jewels.


This intimate dinner whose multiple richness of elements burgeons with the romance of things now and past can certainly be set by you: the table that sparks a brilliance that lasts.    


The magnificence of Vienna’s Hofburg gardens, as partially seen in the painting atop the fireplace, sets the tone.  The Hofburg is the former Imperial Palace in the center of Vienna, Austria and was the residence of the Emperor until 1918.  Colors are restricted to gold, as seen in the fine bone china.  Vintage glassware with bouquets of soft white flowers with the essence of green complete the creation of simple elegance.


Notice how the entire room invites.


There is wine and candlelight and Viennese waltzes among the crackling fire in the background that guests revel within among historical art and figures until the clock strikes midnight.


The magic?  Ah, the evening lives with brilliant clarity as it has been brushed with joy and framed with the love of those who are so special in our lives. 


The title of our dinner is “The Jewel”, and how it turns out is our guess until the end of the final course. 


E bravissimo!  In every way, as beautiful as the stars shine within us.




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