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Teaching Empowerment To Children




As parents it’s our job to love our children, keep them well fed and taken care of, but there comes a point where we have to let go and let them start trying things on their own.  How does one prepare for such a day?  How do we empower kids and send them out into the big wide world with a sense of self-worth and confidence that gives them an upper hand in both their personal and professional relationships?  Here are a few things my husband and I learned in getting our own babies to the ages of seventeen and ten.


Teach them responsibility


Chores every day, do them or deal with the consequences – it’s how both my husband and I were raised and it’s how we raised our kids. Making their beds, packing their lunches, helping with cleaning, with laundry, with cooking, were all things they learned from a young age.  Certainly chores need to evolve as kids grow up.


Teach them respect


When children respect themselves and those around them it gives them an upper hand in almost everything they do.  They can’t be as easily persuaded into bad decisions, they stand out in a professional crowd when they are capable of looking someone in the eye and shaking their hand like they mean it.  They begin to care about how their actions affect those around them and take their relationships, both personally and professionally, more seriously.


Teach them risk-taking and self-nurturing


We also empowered our children simply for trying, for taking risks.  Taking action is a primary component of personal power.  And the fear of making mistakes is its chief disabler.  It’s important to comment on the attempts children make – not just the successes.

Children also benefit from being validated for being true to themselves and for nurturing themselves (knowing when it’s okay to choose not to take a risk).  Knowing your limits is critical.  We set ourselves up for failure when we don’t take notice of the small voice that says, “I’ve had enough for right now.” 


Teach them to be all-rounded people


It’s nice when kids show interest in a particular activity.  Whether it’s playing sports, being in a creative club or playing an instrument, they’ll absolutely love their choice of activity and their lives evolve around it. However as parents, it is our responsibility to expose them to other facets of this beautiful world we live in. Together, listen to old music, opera, visit famous virtual-museums, read books, watch documentaries, raise money or volunteer for a good cause. 




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