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Photography and Text by Mark Raynes Roberts

Badia a Coltibuono is an historic agriturismo located in the heart of Chianti region, with selective wine tastings and gourmet cooking lessons with chef Benedetta Vitali.



The Dream That Is Badia a Coltibuono. 

One Of Italy’s Finest Chianti Classico Winemakers 



Photography and Text by Mark

The peace and serenity of the formal Italian gardens located in the grounds of Badia a Coltibuono, is broken only by the striking of the historical bell in the clock tower.


As one approaches Badia a Coltibuono, one is taken in by the spectacular hillside landscape surrounding the 11th century abbey, which has been making Chianti Classico wine since 1050 AD.  Owned and operated as a winery and luxury resort by Emanuela Stucchi Prenetti and her family since 1846, the historical property has been painstakingly restored for guests to enjoy staying at and to experience the fine wines and gourmet foods. 


Photography and Text by Mark Raynes Robert

The lush gardens and vines provide a cornucopia of fruit and vegetables for the cuisine prepared each day by the cooking class guests and gourmet chef.


The ever-present bouquet of fresh lavender provides the perfect sensory experience for relaxation in what is considered one of the finest formal Italian gardens in the country. The freshly grown vegetables produce the ingredients for guests to use in the gourmet cooking school or experience in the exclusive restaurant overlooking the valley below. 


Photography and Text

For the early riser, the magical sunrise across the valley from Badia a Coltibuono bathes the Abbey in its golden light providing an unforgettable memory.


Within the main abbey refectory are stunningly beautiful 14th and 15th century frescos painted on the ceiling, which depict the many Friars of Badia a Coltibuono since 1050.  A surprising discovery that had been painted over with whitewash prior to the Napoleonic War for fear of their destruction by the French army, they were revealed many years later only after archives mentioned their existence. 


Photography and Text by Mark Raynes Roberts

The catacombs below Badia a Coltibuono, once the burial chambers from a bygone era, today are used as the wine cellars for the winery’s finest vintages.


The morning sunrise provides the dreamscape reminder your memory won’t forget, as the sun bathes the abbey in its golden light before you have to leave.


Photography and Text by Mark Raynes Rober

The beautiful 14th and 15th century frescos which adorn the Refectory walls make it the perfect room to escape the sun and enjoy a concert pianist’s sublime sonata.


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