Some of the most celebrated Mexican dishes leave you wanting for more.









Many of the Mexican foods eaten today had their origins in the Aztec culture.  With an ideal climate for growing cacao, chocolate was introduced by the Aztecs, and salsa, or sauce combining tomatoes, chipotle and avocado, was sold in the Aztec marketplaces.  Corn and beans are the two main foods of the indigenous Mexicans, and form the staples of their cuisine.


Corn tortillas are used in an abundance of Mexican dishes, either filled or served with a meal.  Quesadillas are tortillas stuffed with cheese, then folded and grilled, and are a favorite of Mexico’s street stalls.  Enchiladas are tortillas stuffed with chicken, pork or vegetables and coated in a tomato and chili sauce, then baked.  Fried, filled tortillas are known as tacos.


Avocado is widely used in Mexican cuisine, and when combined with onions, chilies and coriander to make guacamole, is served as a dip or garnish.  A favourite dish is chilies rellenos, large poblano chilies stuffed with cheese or spicy meat.  One of the most popular dishes is frijoles y arroz, or rice and beans.  Mole sauce, served over chicken or turkey, is made with chocolate, chilies and spices.  Chiles feature extensively in the food, and a general rule of thumb is that the larger the chili, the milder the flavor.  Cerveza, or beer, is widely consumed and the perfect accompaniment to a spicy meal. If beer isn’t to your taste, there is always mezcal, of which there are various types, including tequila.  Made from the agave plant, some mezcals contain a worm in the bottle – and the worm is to be eaten when the bottle is finished!




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