Wake up, do not hibernate

nor keep on slumbering

lift those eyelids from dull awareness

enjoy your heartbeats

life is now, life is here, there, everywhere.


A sachet of wonderment

a museum of memories

life is a tragedy, a mystery, a comedy

a vitality play with you the main star.


Life is spring when windows open

letting in the blue of the sky

scenting the wind as weeds bow to flowers

one treasured moment after another.


Life, staying childlike, playing, jumping into puddles

walking in the rain, turning frowns into smiles

having no regrets, seeing magic

dreaming of tomorrow’s adventures.


Life, a precious jewel, to admire, appreciate,

share, enjoy.  So,

love, love, LOVE LIFE







A Beautiful Awakening




I taste summer turn to autumn.

The breeze of morning time.

A subtle yet distinct flavor of air.

an overpowering nostalgia as I recall the first time it traversed my palette.


A wooden frame.

Sustaining two rusty chains

attached to a single bright matte blue

Rubber seat.


It is here that I am completely at peace.

The feeling of becoming weightless.

Not just from the motion of the swing,

but from being such a young pure soul.


A small boy with the world placed under his blue swing.

A world that has yet to disappoint him,

Yet to show him behind the curtains of imagination.


Still full of wonder and of awe, left with the only assumption

that this is how things play out everywhere.

Singing of joy, asking the sky questions and hearing answers.

When there was still so much ahead, and no past behind me to regret.

This taste, a smell, a feeling, an aura.


When the warm turns cold and the leaves shiver and shrink,

I will always love this potent reminder of possibility.









The Immigrant named Guillermo




Reaching out to grasp the hand of connection to others

Whaling out the sounds of separateness

Feeling the breath of strangers on his smooth and wet skin

Seeing a field of countless opportunities

Exploding with unbridled passion

Anticipating crisis while mastering change

In a country founded by immigrants

Guillermo is making America great once again.




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