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Stroll Down Penny Lane




Stroll Down Penny Lane Paul McCartney Multimedia Extravaganza with original films, animation and live music celebrating the life and career of Paul McCartney.  A tribute concert of the best loved pop songs of all time! 


Photography By Paul Nordin of EMB


Stroll Down Penny Lane is a live performance with beautiful accompanying films of the music of the most iconic songwriter of our age: Paul McCartney.  The show includes songs spanning McCartney’s life – from early influences, to the Beatles, through the Wings period, and beyond.  You’ll also hear songs that have never been performed in concert – anywhere, by anyone!

Live, in concert; experience McCartney’s music and influences, from early rock and roll – like Little Richard – until now, spanning sixty years of music.  Explore the ballads – a form McCartney adopted when he was a teenager. He became its acknowledged master – no one else in the world can compare.

The musical experience is enhanced with stories, evocative images, a musical education of sorts, and animation. 


Photography by Michael DaSilva


While flying across the world, unraveling knots of white collar crime at the highest echelons, Prof. Stompensplatt, obsessed with Paul McCartney and in need of a diversion, went deep down the rabbit hole, seeking everything he could find about his idol.

Four years in the making, Stroll Down Penny Lane is the fruit of that obsession.  Equipped only with a vision, a bunch of guitars, and a voice uncannily like McCartney’s, Prof. Stompensplatt set out to create a show to share.  He assembled an outstanding band of musicians, an animator, and a video artist to create a unique concert experience.  The show illuminates the creative process, musical tricks of the trade, the social climate of the times and McCartney himself.  Running through it all is the sheer enjoyment of the music.


Photography by Riley Originals


Stroll Down Penny Lane line up: Joe Anastasi aka Prof. Stompensplatt (lead vocals and rhythm guitar), Winter (lead guitar and vocals) and Mike Sugar (bassist, electric cellist, melodica, synthesizer, and vocals), Mark Abbott (drums and vocals) and Matt Twain (Keys and vocals).

Stroll Down Penny Lane will be performing at JaM Cellars Ballroon in Napa on March 23, 2019 and at Downtown Theatre in Fairfield on May 11, 2019.

More dates to be announced.

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