Nature and Spirit: The Photographic Galleries of Alan Briskin

Gallery #1
Portal & Pathway


HDR photography involves multiple shots at different exposures combined into one image so the viewer can see more of what’s there.


A door, an entrance, a gate, a path, an archway.  Images hold encoded information.  The imagery of portals and pathways suggest an invitation, the promise of something more: “Come this way.”  But some portals and paths are closed to us or only partially open.  Some may be hidden in mists or disguised to the eye.  We must be willing to accept the invitation and open to new ways of seeing and being.


When we train the eye to glimpse the portals and pathways all around us, we develop a keen sense for adventure and transformation…


See Alan’s Portal & Pathway Gallery



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“In each new turn was a surprise, a wonder, a beautiful error, an opening to spectacular beauty and a panorama of glowing images.” ~ Alan Briskin


Welcome to the words and images of Alan Briskin.  Each week for twelve weeks, you will be refreshed by a new gallery of images reflecting the artist’s take on themes of nature, spirituality, animals, still objects and much more.


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